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In brief: Portfolio reviews cost £20 for the Standard Review and £35 for the Certificated Review. The certificate may be something that might be useful to you in a professional capacity or as part of you studies.

You may submit up to 12 jpeg images for the Standard Review, or up to 20 images contained within a PDF for the Certificated Review. You may submit to MilimReviews again with a different set of images, or even an updated version of the same set of images

Montaged or manipulated images can be reviewed. PDFs give opportunity to show off design as well as just images.

We cannot at present accept video

Millennium Reviewers will review the work and will give you feedback. Apart from the comments section feedback will be in the form of starred feedback (1-10 stars)

  • How creative is my work?
  • How coherent is the set?
  • How technically secure is it?
  • How relevant is this work to the art practice world?
  • How relevant in the commercial world?
  • How relevant is the work to Millennium Images?

The reviewer had the following comment about the work. "..." Approx 50 words.

And additionally for the Certificated Review

  • How creative is the design element of my work?
  • How suitable is the design aspect of my work in relation to the images themselves?

The reviewer had the following comment about the work. "..." Approx 100-150 words.

You will also receive a certificate from Millennium signed by a senior reviewer testifying to the feedback and comments. It will be in PDF form with the reviewer's digital signature for authenticity.

Prices includes any VAT.