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MilimReviews is designed to give emerging photographers feedback about their work. It is run by Millennium Images Ltd,

Millennium was founded in 1997 by Jason Shenai who still directs the company. Millennium sells reproduction rights and arranges photographic commissions. It holds more than 30000 images by 800 photographers. The basis of the collection is high quality art-based photography. Millennium is particularly known for supplying images for fiction book covers and works with a wide range of clients including all the world's major book publishers.

The aim of MilimReviews is to provide photographers with help in improving their work. We will identify a portfolio's strengths which can be developed further and flag up areas where further work would be needed to bring the work to a satisfactory standard. Our philosophy in general is to be constructive and honest. Where photographers have chosen a certificated option they will receive a document that may be useful as a piece of evidence of the quality of the work, whether in an educational context or in the broader world.

MilimReviews is a great way to get feedback about your work. It is very easy to use. 1. You register and pay a fee online. 2 You upload a series of images or a send a PDF. 3. The reviewers look at your work . 4 You receive the assessment of your portfolio.

Special features are: three different reviews to choose from, Standard Review, Certificated Review, Taster Review

Standard Review

Upload up to 12 images. Each image should be a jpeg of approximately 1MB when open. Images can have short captions if you wish. The portfolio should have a title and brief description or statement. The portfolio will be reviewed by one reviewer. Feedback is given a star rating (out of ten) in the following assessment areas:
  • How creative is the work?
  • How technically proficient is the work?
  • How coherent is the work as a series?
  • How relevant is the work to the art world?
  • How relevant is the work to the commercial world?
  • How relevant is the work to Millennium?

You will also receive written feedback from the reviewer in the form of a 50 word (approx) critical appraisal

Certificated Review

Same as with the Standard Portfolio except that your work will be viewed by two reviewers (including at least one senior reviewer). Instead of submitting individual images you submit the whole portfolio as a PDF. This gives you the opportunity to "design" your portfolio. There are two additional feedback starred items where you will be given a number of stars out of ten:
  • How creative is the design element of my work?
  • How suitable is the design aspect of my work in relation to the images themselves?

The reviewers will agree on the feedback given. The written appraisal will be approximately 120 words long and will give more detail about individual images. You will also receive a certificate, authenticated by Millennium, with the senior reviewer's name attached, which gives the feedback on your portfolio. You may find this useful when submitting proposals to funders, submissions to galleries, handing in coursework at university, or simply to keep for your own records.

Taster Review

Submit up to three images and get starred feedback

The team

  • Jason Shenai
    Jason Shenai reviews portfolios for Millennium and is director of the company which he founded in 1997. Jason has lectured at a variety of universities and colleges. For several years he ran the documentary photography module at University of Westminster. He is a regular portfolio reviewer at the Arles festival and has also worked at Rhubarb Rhubarb, Speos Paris, Athens Photofestival and Paris Mois de la Photographie. Jason's vision for Millennium has enabled the company to successful bridge the gap between Millennium has enabled the company to successful bridge the gap between photographers' aspirations to work as artists and the demands of the commercial world of photography.
  • Robert Brunton
  • Sohaila Baluch
  • Federica Landi
  • Niall O'Leary